How To Find Stud Inside Wall

Everyone at least once had to make repairs in the apartment, wall drilling. And if you are the owner of a brick or panel house, the wiring is always hidden. In order not to break it when drilling, you’ll need a device to detect hidden wiring. Although the chance to get the wire small enough, still he is, there’s no escape. A stud finder will allow you not only to find the wiring in the wall to find a wooden or metal stud. To learn how to use a stud finder, please go to the link.

The detector is capable of finding only the wire under tension, i.e., before the search will include the outlet of any appliance. For starters, you can practice on an open transaction. Bring your detector to any wire, for example, from the kettle, computer cable, no difference. Feel how it determines the wire, some devices define a region, some center.

From personal experience I can say, not every stud finder will see the wiring in the panel house, especially inexpensive models (up to 20$). Tried three different devices, I do not see it here. In a brick – no problem, under the plaster is also not difficult to find the wire. Quality detector (for example “Bosch”), costs about 150$. This price is for 2012; then it may be different.

How to use a detector hidden wiring? You attach it tightly to the wall in the proposed location of the cable, slowly taking him as soon as the detector approaches the target lamp will light or will beep, and maybe both, depending on the model.

If you want to drill without the device, well, not available. This advice: as a rule, the wiring passes from the outlet straight up, then to the junction box. So drilling above the socket is the most dangerous. Well, if you still got the cable, will have to take a hammer, break a little hole in the wall to find a broken wire, and connect it with the terminal block, not on the slit, and then fix the wall.
Good luck with all house repairs.

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